Current Initiatives

The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society takes pride in leading the industry standards by protecting our breed through innovative practice.

We are innately proud of our breed and the accuracy of the breed database and Society’s Herd Book, which up until recently has been reliant on the integrity of the information received. Recognising the increased demand from consumers who wish to accurately source the food that they’re eating, retailers and restaurants have called for a greater accuracy in tracing beef.

As a Society, we have invested heavily in DNA technology to enable a DNA sample to be collected from every pedigree calf when being tagged at birth. These samples will be stored and archived, and can be used for parentage verification, recessive gene identification and genomic prediction work if and when required. This market-leading technology is currently in its infancy, but once fully operational, the Society will have a DNA sample of all working Aberdeen-Angus bulls – further enhancing the protection of our iconic brand. Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society has identified, developed and is now piloting the innovative scheme raising the bar in pedigree validation.